Rope Sandals

Our rope sandals are a true statement for comfort and style. They come in various colours and are unisex in style. Rope sandals were originally made by fishermen who live off the Mediterranean sea, as they are light to wear, dry fast and are non slip on the wet boat surfaces. These are modernised version but nevertheless equally comfortable and hard wearing. 100% vegan product.

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These lightweight sandals are made of soft polypropylene rope, it does not scratch and gives in gently to ensure maximum comfort and wearability. They float in the water and can be washed in washing machine (30 degrees wash, no fabric softner). The material used is fully vegan and these sandals are made to last. They have been made by heat welding, so no glue or stitching are used in the product.


And here is what our webmaster thought about the product in our test site – his comments do make us laugh out loud:

You never walk alone.

Do you think you ever walked on clouds? You never tried rope sandals before. It sounds strange but it feels free when your feet are roped :))